Lanco Group is equipped to deal with all types of engineering in Australia and currently employs a team of engineers, designers and administration staff.

The majority of projects entail preliminary investigations, feasibility studies, cost estimates, preparation of design plans for civil and structural works, contract documentation, administration, supervision and project management.

The complete gamut of engineering services provided by Lanco Group is outlined below:​

Civil Engineering

  • Planning and Design of water and sewer reticulation
  • Planning and design of roads and drains
  • Infrastructure facilitation
  • Assessment and audit of designs

Project Management

  • Preliminary project analysis and feasibility testing
  • Preliminary costing and reporting
  • Site analysis
  • Public consultation
  • Consultant management
  • Project team management


  • Road closures and transfers
  • Land acquisition for public authorities and local government
  • High rise and complete body corporate subdivisions
  • Small and large land subdivisions, residential, industrial, rural and building
  • Surveys to bring land under the Transfer of Land Act
  • Section 32 subdivisions
  • Stratum subdivision conversion
  • Reestablishment and identification surveys for residential, rural and industrial properties
  • GPS surveys
  • Total Station
  • Photogrammetric
  • Building and civil engineering construction control surveys
  • Lease surveys for land and building
  • Earthwork set out
  • Volume surveys and calculations for stock piles and quarries

Town Planning

  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Feasibility studies
  • Impact studies
  • Conservation
  • Strategic and local planning
  • Arrange for geological and geophysical investigations and carry out feasibility studies

Land Development

  • Residential and industrial estate planning and approval
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Development construction management
  • Community consultation
  • Site analysis


  • Sustainable Development Assessments
  • Environmental Management Plans and Systems
  • Sustainability Planning and Auditing

Mechanical & Electrical

  • M&E design and commissioning of M&E plant for:
    • Water and waste water treatment;
    • Sludge dewatering;
    • Instrumentation, control and automation, pumps, motors and power distribution.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost Estimates for projects
  • Development of maintenance schedules and programs
  • Investigation of mechanical failures

Storm Water Management

  • Comply with State Environmental Protection Policies to ensure minimal environmental impact
  • Retain and enhance natural floodways
  • Preserve and enhance environmentally sensitive areas
  • Provide appropriate water quality treatment prior to stormwater discharge into the waterways
  • Provide large areas of water quality treatment for the external catchment
  • Enhance existing natural channels
  • To retard the peak inflow by use of detention basins and off-stream storage areas
  • In addition to stormwater management we are able to design a system whereby stormwater and sewerage effluent is treated on site by the use of ponds and flora, and reused for watering landscaped areas

Urban Design & Planning

  • Master planning
  • Site analysis and design response plan
  • Land budgeting and analysis
  • Public open space and community planning
  • Planning permit applications
  • Land rezoning and amendments
  • Development approvals


  • Construction Impact Reports
  • Consultation and Diagnosis reports of Tree & Landscape issues
  • Tree protection and Preservation Plans
  • Tree Appraisals
  • Tree removal, pruning and planting


  • Geotechnical feasibility studies
  • Foundation Engineering/Design
  • Liquefaction Evaluation
  • Slope, soil and rock stabilisation
  • Dynamic Settlement Analysis
  • Excavation and fill treatment
  • Drainage and seepage treatment
  • Geologic studies
  • Hydrogeologic and environmental engineering